We are passing through doors every moment of our lives 
Passing exams
Having a baby
Or losing a job 
They are all doors
And so is death

Death is just another door waiting for us to pass through
We all must face it someday
When you pass through the final door
What would you like to leave behind?

Death can be prepared for and practiced for 
Both by you and the ones you love

Final Gift is a platform for you to imagine your future death in a positive way, guiding you to communicate things you want to say to your loved ones before you pass. The words you leave behind can provide relief for you, while creating an intimate thread for your friends and family to follow and hold on to. Though you may be physically gone, the final gifts you leave are still alive and provide a way for you to live on through words and tangible qualities.

Final Gift is a carefully structured book that prompts you to leave messages, suggestions and directions to aid your loved ones in their grieving. Time is perhaps the greatest healer, but by leaving a final gift in the form of a personal journal that records your exclusive and irreplaceable wishes, you can help your loved ones begin their healing process and reach a peaceful acceptance.